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Xingtai Zhongning Hydraulic Equipment Factory

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Xingtai Zhongning Hydraulic Equipment Factory
  Xingtai Zhongning Hydraulic Equipment Factory is a manufacturer of electric heating equipment and hydraulic equipment. The company is divided into two branches: Zhongning Electric Heating and Zhongning Hydraulic.
  Hebei Xingtai Zhongning Electric Heating Co., Ltd. mainly produces high-performance civil heating equipment and various industrial heat source equipment products. After years of research and development and practice, the safety, energy saving and practical effects of the equipment are ensured. The company has a complete set of processing equipment and testing equipment, relying on institutions of higher learning, research institutes, adhere to technological innovation and dedication to service for the purpose, with rich manufacturing experience, excellent product quality, integrity is the business philosophy of gold, produced The electric heating industry, various sheet metal production industries, rubber production industry, felt production industry, and bath water supply industry-specific heat source series products have won the trust of customers.
  Xingtai Zhongning Hydraulic Equipment Factory mainly produces large and medium-sized hydraulic cylinders, special-shaped hydraulic cylinders, large-scale hydraulic equipment and super-tonnage pressure machinery series. It integrates product development, engineering design and manufacturing. With strong technical force, advanced production technology, sophisticated production equipment and perfect testing methods. The multi-layer board industry, the oil press industry, the baler industry, and the special oil cylinder series products of the security door industry have enjoyed a high reputation in the same industry. And the pressure machine is equipped with electric heating equipment, so that the production of customers can rest easy.
  Under the new situation of vigorously promoting energy conservation, environmental protection and promoting green energy in the country, Zhongning people are willing to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life, and work together to achieve a better future!